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It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.

It’s a crisp sunny morning here in Ojai and everything seems so alive after a few days of rain fell on our scorched and dry valley. Chief’s Peak and the Topa Topa mountains even got a smattering of snow. The birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming! The air smells like orange blossoms and jasmine. Really, if you roll your window down as you ride through the east end of town, you can smell the sweetness. It’s Pixie Tangerine season in Ojai; as you walk through our Sunday farmer’s market you can eat them like candy, or have a Pixie cocktail at your favorite watering hole. Many local artists immortalize the fruit in paint and photography. They really are that good!

Rain, birds, tangerines, and flowers… There are signs of hope and resiliency all around our valley! Today at Ojai Blooms and for the past few months we have been and continue to be filled with gratitude and inspiration. Gratitude for the support from our loved ones and our community. Inspiration from our beautiful town, community, fellow floral designers, and our beautiful customers. Ojai’s community spirit and sense of service to those in need is truly remarkable! We are hopeful, inspired, and ready to spread that “Ojai love” through flowers. What a gift it is to be in the flower community! The positivity and joy we feel at Ojai Blooms is overwhelming. We took a leap in starting our company, and with the support of our community, friends, family and customers, old and new, we are doing it; spreading joy through flowers!

Ojai Blooms was a spark of an idea years ago and this past August we took a chance and got our business going. Our idea was to provide custom-designed, fresh, seasonal, beautiful flowers that we could deliver to our community. We believe in being honest and good people who give our customers the best. For many years Adonda and I have dreamed of having a business together. We’ve been friends since we met in day-glow socks in the eighth grade, so we really are more like sisters! We have a few other soul sisters in our lives and we are all continually in support of each other. What a joy it is to see Ojai Blooms come to fruition out of strong friendships and dreams!

On the subject of dreams and inspiration, we want to credit our fellow floral design community and thank them for supporting us with referrals and encouragement. You ladies rock! The first events we were a part of were fundraisers; we felt it was a great way to serve the community and let everyone know about Ojai Blooms. Our families are also a constant source of support. Adonda’s mom is responsible for the graphic design of our beautiful cards, post cards, and current ad in The Ojai Quarterly. My mom, stepdad, and mother-in-law have all had unending belief in Ojai Blooms! During the first few weeks of us being “in business,” my stepdad was our only customer…and he was ordering flowers for my mom! Unfortunately, my dad passed away in December, but I know he was proud to have seen our little business begin to blossom! When I went to his house to sort through things and clean, I found our business card leaning on his lamp at the desk where he sat to work. I’m sure he is cheering us on from heaven.

I call myself a reluctant business woman. Only because I’m more the creative type, lured into the flower business by the beauty, shape, color, and fragrance of flowers. However, we have been pleasantly surprised by the business side of this work, coming into contact with the most supportive, helpful business women to light the way. Fortunately, Adonda in her own right is business savvy. Together we make a good team!

But the real dream come true has been our customers! What a delight everyone has been so far. The positivity and supportive nature everyone has when we tell them our story and how we got started is so heartwarming. To say they are encouraging is an understatement. For example, the first wedding we booked, the soon-to-be- bride said, “You are my first call, but I just have a great feeling about Ojai Blooms.” Then there was the woman who cried tears of joy when my husband and son delivered “welcome home” flowers to her after the Thomas Fire in December. Flowers truly have the innate power to ignite emotions, shift perspective, heal, and change hearts.

Our work is easy because the flowers are the real gift; flowers are such beautiful creations of nature in and of themselves. They speak for themselves. Along those lines, we aren’t “florists,” as that seems too small a title. So maybe we are matchmakers…? Whatever the title, we are dedicated to finding the freshest, most beautiful flowers in season, and pairing them together with people who need them. We are always learning, discovering, and growing on our flower journey. Thank you for coming along with us on the ride that is Ojai Blooms! It really is our joy to spread love through the gift of flowers. Thank you all for letting us spread a little love around our sweet little town and beyond. We love your support!

P.S. Starting in March we are donating 5% of our sales to the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy to help with Thomas Fire restoration projects in the Ojai Valley.

With ever growing gratitude and in the spirit of giving,

Jennifer and Adonda

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