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About Us

   Ojai Blooms is a collaborative effort by me,  Jennifer Wing, and my dear friend Adonda McGrath Brennan. It's really a dream come true. We couldn't be more thrilled and excited to introduce you to Ojai Blooms and work together. I have had my nose in a flower since I can remember. I always see the beauty in nature and flowers. I come from a background that encouraged a love of nature and creativity. Both of my parents are artists as well as avid gardeners, my mom a potter and my dad a photographer, teacher and writer. They planted seasonal blooms throughout our garden. I remember picking narcissus, roses and mint and creating arrangements for our table as early as five years old. This passion and creativity for flowers has continued to grow and I love to share it at Ojai Blooms through floral design. I also share it with my husband and two boys.  I have taken them to many a garden to "smell the roses." I am looking forward to the evolution and wonders that await us here at Ojai Blooms. 


     Adonda comes from a legacy of farmers that have been farming on the central coast of California for five generations. She grew up with the value of nurturing living, growing things. The farm has been certified organic for years now. They are passionate about organic food and flowers. Ojai Blooms source our organic seasonal flowers from the farm whenever possible. The flowers are borders for the crops, maximize pollenization, and attract beneficial bugs. Adonda lives in Ojai with her family,  dogs, chickens and goats. McGrath Family Farm is still near and dear to her. With her impeccable taste and style she designs amazing arrangements. Her warmth and customer service are truly remarkable. We are both dedicated to helping each individual client's vision come to fruition. 


     Together, we have years of design experience and are always open to collaborate with our clients. Our goal at Ojai Blooms is to bring the beauty of flowers and giving to you and your loved ones. 


     In the spirit of artistry and giving,

         Jennifer Wing and Adonda McGrath Brennan

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